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Feature Story:  Berry Manor Inn, Rockland ME

Built in 1898 with all the grandeur of the Victorian age as a wedding gift for his new bride, this shingle-styled mansion was originally the residence of Charles H. Berry, a prominent local merchant. Today it remains one of the most stately homes in Rockland, Maine and the area's newest premier bed and breakfast inn.


During the autumn of 2005, Atomic Painting was contacted to provide an estimate to prep and paint the exterior of the Berry Manor Inn. Owners, Cheryl Michaelson and Michael LaPosta had painstakingly restored the Inn, creating a beautiful atmosphere for customers seeking a romantic getaway or just a relaxing weekend and some wonderful home cooking.


After chatting with with Mike about his goals for the project, the estimate was submitted and once accepted, the job was scheduled for the spring of 2006.


Thankfully the spring of 2006 was quite mild which allowed the Atomic crew to get an early start on the project. It was determined that the old lower clapboards would be cleaned up to bare wood and the upper shingles would be scraped and sanded where appropriate. The shingles had quite a few coats of stain and paint and really needed to be taken to bare wood, however, the age of the shingles was a concern, as too much attention could break and damage the old, brittle wood.


Work went off without a hitch and the removal of old paint was going smoothly. In the photos, one can see the bare clapboards, which, in our opinion, is the soundest foundation for new coats of stain. Having removed the paint on the clapboards, we faced the issue of the old putty being removed from the nail heads, so the painstaking task of filling nail holes was undertaken. Because the putty we used would leave flash marks in the finish coat(s) of stain, we decided to spot prime the puttied nail holes with an oil-based exterior primer. We were now ready for some stain. A Sherwin-Williams deep red stain that complimented the Inn's rich berry color was applied to the shingles and clapboards. The lower trim was cleaned up with scrapers and was painted with Sherwin Williams Duration, which would preserve the beauty of the paint job for years to come.


The upper fascia, soffits and dormers were a bit too high for the crew to reach safely from ladders, so an articulating boom lift was brought in to aid in safely prepping and painting all the high work. Once the boom lift was delivered to the site, the spring rains started and didn't stop for two weeks. The rental costs were rising day by day, raindrop by raindrop. Finally, after many frustrating days of rain, we got the break we needed and the high work was completed. The Inn looked great!


The following summer we tackled the Carriage House. The same approach was taken and we removed the old paint from the clapboards and scraped and sanded the shingles. The smaller of the two houses was cleaned up and painted without incident. The Atomic crew was proud to play a part in enhancing the beauty of this historic Rockland, Maine landmark.


If you enjoy watching the Food Network, keep your eyes open for a segment called "Throwdown with Bobby Flay"; a show that pits the professional chef against Mike & Cheryl's moms in a "Pie Showdown". Great fun was had and the house looked fantastic on TV!


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“We Cover It All....”

All rights reserved Atomic Painting Inc Freedom, ME 04941